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Sports Talent Hunt Under Sports Authority of Gujarat.

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The Gandhinagar district level sports school scheme has organised a “Sports Talent Hunt Program” for children of Gandhinagar district under-14 age group, Boys and Girls born after January 1, 2010, who are interested in sports.

Age and height criteria will be as per the table mentioned in banner.

Children who meet these requirements and wish to participate in the sports should appear on the date and location listed below with proof of their dates of birth and residence. ૧૭૧+ For more information, you must contact.

Test venue
1) J.M. Chowdhury Public Girls’ SchoolSector-7, Gandhinagar (Urban Division)
Date: 9/02/2023, Time: 9.00 a.m.
Mayank Acharya – 958625505909

2) Bliss International Public School, Mansa (Rural Division)
Date: 08/02/203, Time: 9.00 hrs
Jimmy Soni- 9558632167