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Sports scientists job at Abhinav Bindra: Targeting Performance

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Sports scientists job at Abhinav Bindra: Targeting Performance

We are looking for Sports scientists to assist sportspeople to achieve the best possible sporting performance, by applying knowledge and techniques from the areas of medicine, physiology, bio mechanics (the study of human movement), nutrition, psychology and physiotherapy/massage.

Sports scientists may devise treatment and exercise programmes to assist sportspeople to return to training or competition. They design or assist in designing training programmes for sportspeople to improve their sporting performances without injuring themselves, or to strengthen particular areas of the body. They may refer clients to medical and paramedical specialists such as orthopedic surgeons, rheumatologists, physiotherapists and sports podiatrists.

Job Profile:
• Working alongside sports coaches and sports therapists to assess individuals and teams and improve their performance
• Studying the scientific aspects of human performance, capability and endurance
• Looking at factors that influence health, for example diet and exercise
• Keeping up to date with the latest research
• Creating periodized Training Program for the athletes
• Working alongside doctors and other health practitioners to improve patients’ health through physical activity
• Designing a suitable exercise programme for someone recovering from injury or surgery.

You need to be:
• Interested in applying science to sport
• Methodical and accurate
• Good at analyzing complex information
• Enthusiastic and confident – especially when working as a fitness consultant
• Patient, able to concentrate and pay attention to detail
• Able to give useful feedback on performance,  able to use your initiative
• Able to relate well to people from all backgrounds.
Key Skills:
• A degree in sport and exercise science or other relevant subject (M. S in Sports Sciences)
• With a degree in a biological subject or physiology, followed by a postgraduate course in sports science. 
• A relevant work experience of 2 Years

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