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KickStart FC Hiring Manager for Residential Academy, Bengaluru

Position: Manager – Residential Academy 

Reporting: Primary – CEO and Secondary – Chairman 

Location: VP Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru

As a manager – residential academy, your role will involve a wide range of responsibilities, including:

  1. Facility Management: Manage the residential facilities & oversee the maintenance of training fields, gymnasiums, and other athletic facilities.
  2. Parent Relations: Maintain strong relationships through regular communication with parents and alumni to ensure the academy is well-supported and well-respected. 
  3. Compliance: Ensure that the academy complies with all relevant regulations and laws and that appropriate safety measures are in place to protect footballers and staff. 
  4. Health and Safety: Implementing and monitoring health and safety policies in the academy. 
  5. Student Welfare: Ensure the welfare of the young athletes who live in the academy. Oversee their diet and personal hygiene. Celebrate important festivals, excursions, and birthdays.  
  6. Academic Support: Provide academic support to students in the hostel. This includes developing study strategies, providing tutoring, and offering guidance. You will be the SPOC for all school/college interactions. 
  7. Assessment and Evaluation: Assess students’ academic progress and evaluate the effectiveness of the educational program. Use data and feedback to adjust the curriculum and teaching strategies to ensure that students are meeting their educational goals
  8. Reports: Send reports to the CEO and Chairman as per the SOP – weekly, monthly and quarterly, and annual reports 

Education and Qualifications: 

  • Should possess a bachelor’s degree. 
  • Should also have relevant experience.
  • Being multilingual would be an advantage.

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