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Altius International Football Academy, Palakkad, Kerala

Altius International Football Academy

About AIFA

AIFA is an elite residential football academy located in Malappuram &Palakkad Border, in India, The immersive football education program is based on sport science curriculum that accentuates player skills, techniques and tactics transforming passion to performance on the field, off-field too students get holistic guidance thanks to our academic partners, after school guidance and our inclusive and nurturing boarding environment. Academy has ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system, which ensures the highest quality training to student’s .our continuous improvement process is targeted to meet and exceed parent’s expectations in the best possible and most efficient way.


AIFA aims to transform the landscape of Indian football. For all those young kids itching for a structured progress plan, we want to be there for you with international standard training programs, coaches, regular tournaments and opportunities to experience and excel on the global football arena We strive to find a balance between our Athletic, Academic &Personal lives


The primary objective of the AIFA is to identify and develop local players, with exceptional talent, who will be future athletes and professionals in the world of football. The Academy strives to inspire discipline, character, respect, and excellence both on and off the ground. While providing players, who compete for top teams around the world, these key qualities will enable players to achieve their personal goals