You are currently viewing Times Square’s NASDAQ billboard observes Mohun Bagan day.

Times Square’s NASDAQ billboard observes Mohun Bagan day.

Sharp at 12 midnight the Nasdaq billboard at the iconic Times Square in New York city had come alive with Mohun Bagan logo, had turned green-maroon, the club signature colour. Celebrating the Mohun Bagan Day.  

Mohun Bagan, one of the oldest football clubs in the country resonates passion in the state of West Bengal, which unites people across the world. On July 29, 1911, Mohun Bagan had defeated East Yorkshire, The British Regiment in the IFA Shield Final, a victory symbolic to national pride. That glory of the club turned 131 years on Wednesday.

The club had been observing July 29 as Mohun Bagan day for the past several years, in honour of the legacy. While in West Bengal there is a complete lockdown on July 29 this year due to COVID-19 pandemic, barring Mohun Bagan supporters get into a celebratory mood, but taking all supporters by surprise the biggest cheer came thousands of miles away, from New York, USA.

The NASDAQ billboard in slides had remembered it’s biggest achievement and even turned into the club signature maroon-green colour. Fans say this is one of the richest yet global tribute to their beloved Mohun Bagan legacy, making the occasion momentous and unforgettable.

The club’s legendary boat logo, the date of that historic victory against the British stayed on the Nasdaq billboard for several minutes. In West Bengal, many feel that football match victory against the British in 1911 was no less India’s freedom movement. Legend has the match was inching towards a draw when people from a crowd of 80,000, had raised the Vande Mataram slogan, which was a banned war cry then, in an act of defiance against the British.

Etched in the history of India’s freedom struggle, lifting of the cup by the mariners was a huge blow to the British pride that enforced slavery on Indians. Those eleven Mohun Bagan players are thus hailed as heroes who immortalised a football match by upholding the patriotic fervour. Mohun Bagan AC is now known as ATK Mohun Bagan FC after the merger. They will play in the ISL 2020-21.

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