You are currently viewing The Omtex ICWC Cricket institute,  Scholarship Program.

The Omtex ICWC Cricket institute, Scholarship Program.

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The Omtex ICWC Cricket institute,  Scholarship Program.

Flaunts a opportunity to all talented players. Best Should Get Best that’s what omtex ICWC Cricket Institute Means . Calling All Talented Cricket Players one more time to show the talent & get the experience of the process.Talented players Boys & Girls will get the Scholarship.

Phone:  93214 38723, 95039 43338

Near Om Shani Garden,
Saphale, Maharashtra 401102

Everyone with a dream to play cricket for the country is a star player already but it is the lack of proper training and guidance that fails to give these dreams their wings to fly. We, Omtex ICWC cricket institute want to fill the gap of dreams and realization with proper guidance and training. Our experienced coaches can help the cricketers walk the path of success accurately because of them being successful players themselves.

Cricket is a game that needs to be practiced year around and Mumbai rains surely plays a spoil sport in the development of cricketers and keeping that in mind we have built the world’s largest indoor cricket facilities for uninterrupted cricket practice for our players. The facility has smart pitches that can help batsmen and bowlers know the areas they need to improve on. With the growing competition there is a need to take help of technology and we surely have shook hands with modern ways to fast-track our players’ progress.

With state of the art infrastructure, international standard cricket pitches indoors and outdoors, we provide a lot of opportunities to play in plenty of matches that ensures that the students receive enough experience to be comfortable at their school-college, club and state level tournaments and further. To be able to play at the top level, it is necessary to know how it feels first and our infrastructure is prepared to give the players an experience that they will not get anywhere.