You are currently viewing The Men’s FIH Hockey Junior World Cup 2021 Fixtures

The Men’s FIH Hockey Junior World Cup 2021 Fixtures

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The Men’s FIH Hockey Junior World Cup 2021 Fixtures

The Men’s FIH Hockey Junior World Cup 2021 is all set to commence from November 24, 2021, to December 5, 2021, in India

The Men’s FIH Hockey Junior World Cup was started in 1979. The world cup is held every four years. Defending champion India will host the Men’s FIH Hockey Junior World Cup 2021. So far, India has won the Men’s FIH Hockey Junior World Cup twice, once in 2001, and the recent one in 2016.

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Men’s FIH Hockey Junior World Cup 2021, Date, Time, Schedule

The Men’s FIH Hockey Junior World Cup 2021 will start from November 24, 2021, to December 5, 2021, in India.


The Men’s FIH Hockey Junior World Cup 2021 will take place in Bhubaneshwar, India. The Junior World Cup will take place at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneshwar. Bhubaneshwar is a city located in the state of Odisha.

Draw & Fixtures

Serial No.Day/DatePoolTimeMatch
1Wednesday, November 24A09:30Belgium vs South Africa
2Wednesday, November 24A12:00Malaysia vs Chile
3Wednesday, November 24D14:30Germany vs Pakistan
4Wednesday, November 24B17:00Canada vs Poland
5Wednesday, November 24B19:30India vs France
6Thursday, November 25D09:30Argentina vs Egypt
7Thursday, November 25C12:00Netherlands vs Korea
8Thursday, November 25C14:30Spain vs United States
9Thursday, November 25B17:00France vs Poland
10Thursday, November 25B19:30Canada vs India
11Friday, November 26A09:30South Africa vs Chile
12Friday, November 26A12:00Malaysia vs Belgium
13Friday, November 26C14:30Korea vs United States
14Friday, November 26C17:00Spain vs Netherlands
15Friday, November 26D19:30Argentina vs Germany
16Saturday, November 27D09:30Pakistan vs Egypt
17Saturday, November 27A12:00Belgium vs Chile
18Saturday, November 27A14:30South Africa vs Malaysia
19Saturday, November 27B17:00France vs Canada
20Saturday, November 27B19:30India vs Poland
21Sunday, November 28C12:00Korea vs Spain
22Sunday, November 28C14:30Netherlands vs United States
23Sunday, November 28D17:00Pakistan vs Argentina
24Sunday, November 28D19:30Germany vs Egypt
25Tuesday, November 309/1610:303rd Pool A vs 4th Pool B
26Tuesday, November 309/1613:303rd Pool D vs 4th Pool C
27Tuesday, November 309/1616:303rd Pool B vs 4th Pool A
28Tuesday, November 309/1619:303rd Pool C vs 4th Pool D
29Wednesday, December 1QF110:301st Pool A vs 2nd Pool B
30Wednesday, December 1QF113:301st Pool D vs 2nd Pool C
31Wednesday, December 1QF116:301st Pool B vs 2nd Pool A
32Wednesday, December 1QF119:301st Pool C vs 2nd Pool D
33Thursday, December 213/1610:30Loser Match 25 vs Loser Match 26
34Thursday, December 213/1613:30Loser Match 27 vs Loser Match 28
35Thursday, December 29/1216:30Winner Match 25 vs Winner Match 26
36Thursday, December 29/1219:30Winner Match 27 vs Winner Match 28
37Friday, December 35/810:30Loser Match 29 vs Loser Match 30
38Friday, December 35/813:30Loser Match 31 vs Loser Match 32
39Friday, December 3SF16:30Winner Match 29 vs Winner Match 30
40Friday, December 3SF19:30Winner Match 31 vs Winner Match 32
41Saturday, December 415/1610:30Loser Match 33 vs Loser Match 34
42Saturday, December 413/1413:30Winner Match 33 vs Winner Match 34
43Saturday, December 411/1216:30Loser Match 35 vs Loser Match 36
44Saturday, December 49/1019:30Winner Match 35 vs Winner Match 36
45Sunday, December 57/810:30Loser Match 37 vs Loser Match 38
46Sunday, December 55/613:30Winner Match 37 vs Winner Match 38
47Sunday, December 53/416:30Loser Match 39 vs Loser Match 40
48Sunday, December 5FINAL19:30Winner Match 39 vs Winner Match 40