You are currently viewing TFA Elite: Football Trials In South Africa

TFA Elite: Football Trials In South Africa

Are you ready to showcase the real South African football talent

Date: Mon Jan 29 & Tue Jan 30 2024
Time: 11 AM
Venue: Santos Sports Complex, Poplar Ave, Thornton, Cape Town, 7485, South Africa

Are you ready to seize the opportunity to play professional football?

Showcase your football talent and stand a chance to secure your future!

Participants who stand out in the football trials have a lot to gain. Successful players will be offered their first professional football contract. Along with this coveted contract, they’ll receive a comprehensive player package.

The benefits continue, as these players will also be provided with accommodation, food, and transportation while in Dubai. On top of that, there are various bonuses designed to reward their performance on the pitch. These bonuses include rewards for playing, being in the starting 11, securing wins, and even for being substituted in. This opportunity is a comprehensive package for those looking to launch their professional football careers.

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Terms and Conditions:

1.     Transportation: All participants are solely responsible for arranging and ensuring their own transportation to and from the specified venue.

2.     Personal Belongings: Participants are required to bring their own water bottles and are strictly advised against expecting provisions at the venue.

3.     Dress Code: Entry will only be permitted to those adhering to a sports or football attire. Failing to comply may result in denial of participation.

4.     Refund Policy: By participating in this trial, participants expressly waive any rights they may have to refunds, be it for the event fees or any associated charges.


1.     Only one ticket is allowed per participant for each session on a given day. Limited spots are available for each session. 

2.     A minimum of one winner will be selected from the entirety of the event.

3.     The value of the Pro Contract is estimated at $15,000. Please be informed that this does not represent a cash prize or direct monetary benefit.