You are currently viewing Stadium FC – All India Trials for 100% Scholarship Program

Stadium FC – All India Trials for 100% Scholarship Program

Stadium FC - All India Trials for 100% Scholarship Program

Stadium FC is looking for 10 Arjun’s, who are ready to dedicate themselves for a period of 3 to 7 years to learn the art and science of football and aim to become the best football players in India .

To ensure high level of success, this program is designed to provide upto 7 years of learning to the youngest U12 players, 5 years of learning to U14 players and 3 years of learning to U17 players.

The Mission Arjun program will run every year and will continue to search for dedicated 5 to 15 players every year.

To make this opportunity accessible to talented players from all levels of society, the program provides 100% Scholarship for training. U12 and U14 age group players athletes need to take compulsory education for which they will have to pay an annual education fee, which will be given to teachers who make an effort to come to the  Academy to provide education in opted subjects and prepare students for life.

With this project, Stadium FC believes that in 5 to 7 years it will be able to develop players who will be strong contender for India’s national teams. In situation where some players may not make it to the highest level of football sport, their continued education and discipline developed thru sports will help them to achieve success in other fields.

Why the name “Mission Arjun”

In the Mahabharata War, Arjuna was a key warrior from the Pandava side and slew many warriors. Arjun was always victorious, invincible and undefeatable .He could shoot arrows with both hands and always abided to fair war with  a style and in a terrific manner. Arjuna represents these great qualities which we look for in our players. These qualities work as the foundation for their success in what they do. Hence the Project is named as “Mission Arjun” on this Legendary historical figure


U12 ( Born in year 2010/2011 ) , U14 ( Born in year 2008/2009 ) , U17( Born in year 2006/2007 ), U18( Born in year 2005 )

Total positions : 10



Stage 1 : 20th November 2021 to 20th December 2021

Online Registrations

Stage 2 : 25th November 2021 to 24th December 2021

Online Trials of Registered Players 

Shortlisting of Players 

Review of Scholarship conditions with Parents of Shortlisted Players

Stage 3 : 24th December 2021 to 30th March 2022

Invitation for Final Trials. Players whose parents agree to our Scholarship conditions will be required to come for a 3 day Trial in Bengaluru on their own cost. Boarding & Lodging assistance at highly subsidized cost will be provided. Covid Restrictions & rules will apply as applicable at that time.

Scholarship Conditions : *(conditions apply)

Minimum Stay term with Stadium FC : U12 – 7 years / U14 – 5 years / U17 – 3 years.
Compulsory Education Tuition cost for U12 and U14 – Rs.55000/year to be paid by Player.
Written agreement on 100% Refundable Deposit conditions between Parents and Stadium FC.

Why you should come to Stadium FC

At Stadium FC – You will “ Play with the best to become the best”. At elite level, You will Train with Best Scouted talented players of your age group ! With our training the results are clear for all to see !

Established in 2009, Stadium FC is leading the youth football player development in the country. Based in Bangalore, the academy operates out of 3 Acre of its own football facility and also uses the “Padukone Center Of excellence” facility as its Competition Home Ground.

The players are scouted from across the country and invited to join a long term professional player development program with education on residential or non-residential basis. The program provides the best football development opportunity to talented players under expert guidance of UEFA-A, FA-Level2, AFC licensed coaches along with team of Physio & Sports science. Intensive training specific to player ability and position combined with regular competitive matches allows the player to progress faster than normal. Every player also works on its “Individual learning Plan” that helps him to speed up their development. Aided by latest sports science aspects – the overall program is among the best in the country for committed players.