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Parappur FC – Palakkad Trials, Kerala

Parappur FC - Palakkad Trials, Kerala

Date: 6th March 2021
Time: 7 am
Venue: Nurani Turf Ground, Palakkad, Kerala
(Only For Palakkad District Players)

For Enquires Call: 9447597654, 9447697654

Parappur Football Club ( Parappur FC) is a unit associated with the Parappur Sports & Education Trust with a revolutionary new vision: To scout for budding soccer talents from 6 to 18 years of age from villages who cannot afford the coaching their skills deserve.

Parappur FC takes care of their education, nutrition and while training them scientifically under dynamic National coaches raising new stars for the glory of the country and for the sport. Parappur Village in rural Thrissur has always had a rich local history of raising high quality footballers for the Nation.

Today Parappur FC, is a 2 star rated academy by the AIFF (All India Football Federation) under the academy accreditation program and participates in all (under 13,15 and 18) AIFF youth Leagues.

About Parappur Football Club

Parappur is a quiet hamlet 13 kms of the North East of Thrissur Town. Inhabited by 1lakh people Parappur is surrounded by a special kind of vast paddy fields locally called ‘Kol’. After every harvesting season, the empty kol fields  turn into huge football grounds for passionate  players of football in the village cutting across every age group.

Parappur FC had it’s humble beginnings in 2012 fulfilling the dreams of the young aspirants, at first from in and around this village. Today,true to it’s founding vision,Parappur FC has grown enough to scout for talent from all over rural  Kerala. .

Our Patron: 
Mr. A S Lal CEO of Kreol Group, UAE is our chief patron supporting us this far right from the beginning in our journey. Without him ,Parappur FC would never have taken off ,faced up with enormous financial limitations. 

M/s Alpha Kreol India Pvt Ltd, that manages Cochin Duty Free  at Cochin 
International Airport has ably supported the development of this novel and egalitarian educational project.

Our CSR sponsor- South Indian Bank Ltd 

As the part of it’s Corporate Social Responsibility protocol , South Indian Bank has joined hands with Parappur Sports & Education Trust and helped start a long term training program for kids categorized under 18 years of age. 
The program is mainly aimed at locating soccer talents from grassroots  and nurture them to become professional football players of international standards. 

We started a residential football academy with 15 slots for each age category as the part of this long term training program jointly with the CSR initiative of South Indian Bank.

The  SIB-PSET Football Training Program was officially launched in June, 2017 at Thrissur. 

Our Infrastructure Sponsor: 

Alpha Kreol India (P) Ltd, managers of Cochin Duty Free at Cochin International Airport offered their assistance in the development of club infrastructure like grass ground, floodlight artificial ground, Academy, Hostel etc. They have also  given us 6.25 acres of land for the development of the club & it’s infrastructure facilities.

Our Vision: 
To transform Parappur FC into a Club and Coaching centre of international standard. To promote Football with excellence and dedication  across India wherever it is a passion as a sport that promotes mental ,physical& social well being, tolerance and a sense of
competence in everyone.

Our Mission: 
Our special dedication is to bring to light budding soccer talents amongst children from 8-18 age group with special emphasis on those from RURAL INDIA from backgrounds traditionally deprived of wealth , attention, recognition and opportunities.

 We dream of educating, training and raising these children to  international levels by imparting world class coaching from grassroots level.