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MFA President’s Yuva Premier League, Mumbai

Registration has begun for the MFA President’s Yuva Premier League.

An initiative by our President – Shri Aaditya Thackeray, to uplift and develop grassroots football amongst the youths of Mumbai. After an overwhelmingly successful season in 2019-20, the MFA Committee has decided on popular demand, that the league’s participation shall be extended towards Non-MFA-Affiliated teams as well.

To ensure better quality and competitiveness of the League, Non-MFA-Affiliated teams must undergo an accreditation process. MFA intends to remain vigilant throughout the season to ensure teams who have obtained an accreditation certificate strives to maintain their quality as well.

To curb all age-related fraudulent activities; CRS has been made mandatory for all players aspiring to participate.

Participation is subject to the availability of spaces. Hurry-up!**Please download the PDF from the link provided at the bottom of the form.