You are currently viewing Jio Mumbai Sustainability Cyclothon – 2023

Jio Mumbai Sustainability Cyclothon – 2023

Registrations are now open Mumbai! The moment has arrived to hop on your bikes for the much-anticipated Jio Mumbai Sustainability Cyclothon 2023.

Let’s come together and pedal towards a future as radiant as our enthusiasm! 🚴‍♂️🌱

Date: 17th December, 2023.

VENUE: Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai Suburban, Mumbai, India

Call: 91 8411004511


Concept & Objective of Jio Mumbai Cyclothon

Here is one of the green initiatives we have undertaken to bring together more environment-conscious people and enable them to contribute to making the world a better place for future generations.

With an objective to encourage as many people as possible to add a daily commute by choosing bicycles as their mode of transport instead of cars and bikes, we at Champ Endurance, intend to transform the healthy lifestyle of people.

When people realize how cycling as an activity impacts their daily routine, we can certainly trigger this positive change. On a healthy note, cycling improves your heart lungs and circulation and causes no air pollution and congestion. If the cycle increases around the city, it will lead people who have to use cars with more parking spots and less noisy neighbourhoods.

Imagine if the majority of people start using bicycles it would drastically influence our government to develop infrastructure centred around cycling like separate cycling lanes, and bicycle stands at a metro station/local station. Mumbai, being a metro city, people can switch their means of transportation to cycling, even for long distances, if proper infrastructure is developed.

This move would dramatically reduce traffic and pollution issues faced in the city. So this initiative mainly focuses on making Mumbai non motorised and choosing bicycles as their mode of transport.

Champ Endurance is promoting this social initiative and awareness –

“A Green Initiative for Mumbai”

Cleaner Mumbai, Greener Mumbai, Healthier Mumbaikars