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IYCL Cricket League Selection Trials, Jaipur

IYCL is one of the most trusted tournament in the game of cricket. Organised by AsiaSports Inc. in association with HUDECO & International Sports Council, Canada, we are the first league offering sponsorship and true International experience

Frequently Asked Questions

What is International Youth Cricket League (IYCL) ?

IYCL is one of the most trusted tournament in the game of cricket. It’s being organised by AsiaSports Inc. in association with HUDECO & International Sports Council. We are the first league with three distinct championships. State Championship, National & International.

How can I participate in IYCL ?

To participate, you have to give a selection trial. Selection trials are being organised all over India currently. Kindly click to register. Make sure you fill all details correctly. 

What is the age group in IYCL ?

We currently have 5 Age Groups: U-14, U-16, U-19, U23 & U-25 

Which ball will be used and how many overs matches will be played?

IYCL matches will be with WHITE English Leather Ball. Colored Dresses will be provided free-of-cost to all the match players. All matches will be 20 overs affair.

What kind of players is IYCL most suitable for ?

IYCL is designed to help the players get real big match experience. The motive is to help the players learn and grow. Its most suited for all the academy players, young club players and the players currently playing in district & state level.

Is there any fee in IYCL ?

There is a trial fee of ₹ 749 per player. Thereafter there’s no fee for all the players who get selected in Cat-A as they will be fully sponsored. For Cat-B players there will be 60% sponsorship so there will be a fee of ₹2999 for Cat-B players to play the tournament and ₹5624 for Cat-C players who will get 25% sponsorships

What is the format of the league ?

Leg-1 : We will hold trials in almost every state of India and thereafter the players who get selected in the trials will get a minimum of 3 matches in the State Championship. From the state championship, the top performing players will be chosen to represent that particular state. All the State Teams will then play a knock-out tournament at the National Level. The Winners of the National Championship will be awarded with a sponsorship of ₹50,000 per player (i.e. ₹ 6.5 Lacs for the entire team). 

Leg-2 : The National Champion team will be invited to play in the International leg of the tournament which will be held in Dubai or Canada. This team will be representing India in this International tournament in which the winners will be awarded with a scholarship of ₹ 2,50,000 per player (i.e. 30 Lacs for the winning team )

Will a player get any certificates or trophies etc ?

IYCL’s sole motive is to motivate and build players. There will be a WINNER’s trophy, MoM & Best Fielder’s Trophy in every single match of IYCL. Additionally every single participant of IYCL matches will get a ‘Participation Certificate’. The Winners of National Championship will get also get Gold Medals.

Is IYCL a BCCI League ?

Not at all. IYCL is a fully-owned private league duly registered with Government of India and is run by a dedicated organising committee of former cricket players, BCCI Coaches, International Cricket Council (ICC) Coaches and BCCI Umpires.

Will the match-players get travel or boarding etc ?

Yes. All the players who will have to travel for more than 250Km from their home location will be provided with a Hotel Stay and Food. This does not applies to any optional training camps as camps are optional.