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India Khelo Football Meghalaya Trials.

Meghalaya Schedule
1. Gasuapara : 7th Dec, 2022
2. Williamnagar : 8th Dec, 2022
3. Ampati : 10th Dec, 2022

Contact below for registration
6009654736 / 9366834896 / 9774799236 / 863885359

How it works: IKF Meghalaya Participant’s Journey

  1. Attend Meghalaya Trials
  2. Get Scouted and Attend Pre Finals
  3. Qualify for National Finals then Attend National Finals.
  4. Get Scouted by ISL or I League Clubs
  5. Get Scouted by International Academies
  6. Win Free Trials in Europe

India Khelo Football is a not-for-profit initiative strengthening grassroots ecosystem in India. It is creating a platform which connects aspiring football players with opportunities in a democratised and transparent manner. Via this platform we wish to create a strong talent pipeline for Indian Football.

India Khelo Football was formed to create a structured career path for aspiring football players. This can be achieved by integrating grassroots football with professional football. Our long-term goals in creating this structured career path is to achieve the following