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ICC World Cup 2023 India Fixtures: India vs Pakistan on October 15, final in Ahmedabad

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ICC has released the full fixtures for the upcoming ODI World Cup that will be held in India. This is the first time India is holding the World Cup on its own. 

Just like it was anticipated, reigning champions England will play New Zealand for the first game of ODI World Cup 2023 on October 5. Meanwhile, India will play their first game against Australia on October 8.

 The 100 days countdown for the ICC 2023 World Cup got off on a strong not as the schedule for the marquee event was released on Tuesday. Expectations are high from the Rohit Sharma-led hosts as India chase their first ICC title in a decade. India will begin its campaign against Australia on October 8 in Chennai. The much-awaited clash between India and Pakistan will take place at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on October 15. The marquee event will begin on October 5 with a match between defending champions England and New Zealand in Ahmedabad. The same venue will host the final on October 19.

Complete Schedule for World Cup 2023

DateDayMatchVenueTime (IST)
5-Oct-2023ThursdayEngland vs New ZealandAhmedabad2:00 P.M
6-Oct-2023FridayPakistan vs Qualifier 1Hyderabad2:00 P.M
7-Oct-2023SaturdayBangladesh vs AfghanistanDharamsala10:30 A.M
7-Oct-2023SaturdaySouth Africa vs Qualifier 2Delhi2:00 P.M
8-Oct-2023SundayIndia vs AustraliaChennai2:00 P.M
9-Oct-2023MondayNew Zealand vs Qualifier 1Hyderabad2:00 P.M
10-Oct-2023TuesdayEngland vs BangladeshDharamsala2:00 P.M
11-Oct-2023WednesdayIndia vs AfghanistanDelhi2:00 P.M
12-Oct-2023ThursdayPakistan vs Qualifier 2Hyderabad2:00 P.M
13-Oct-2023FridayAustralia vs South AfricaLucknow2:00 P.M
14-Oct-2023SaturdayNew Zealand vs BangladeshChennai10:30 A.M
14-Oct-2023SaturdayEngland vs AfghanistanDelhi2:00 P.M
15-Oct-2023SundayIndia vs PakistanAhmedabad2:00 P.M
16-Oct-2023MondayAustralia vs Qualifier 2Lucknow2:00 P.M
17-Oct-2023TuesdaySouth Africa vs Qualifier 1Dharamsala2:00 P.M
18-Oct-2023WednesdayNew Zealand vs AfghanistanChennai2:00 P.M
19-Oct-2023ThursdayIndia vs BangladeshPune2:00 P.M
20-Oct-2023FridayAustralia vs PakistanBengaluru2:00 P.M
21-Oct-2023SaturdayQualifier 1 vs Qualifier 2Lucknow10:30 A.M
21-Oct-2023SaturdayEngland vs South AfricaMumbai2:00 P.M
22-Oct-2023SundayIndia vs New ZealandDharamsala2:00 P.M
23-Oct-2023MondayPakistan vs AfghanistanChennai2:00 P.M
24-Oct-2023TuesdaySouth Africa vs BangladeshMumbai2:00 P.M
25-Oct-2023WednesdayAustralia vs Qualifier 1Delhi2:00 P.M
26-Oct-2023ThursdayEngland vs Qualifier 2Bengaluru2:00 P.M
27-Oct-2023FridayPakistan vs South AfricaChennai2:00 P.M
28-Oct-2023SaturdayAustralia vs New ZealandDharamsala10:30 A.M
28-Oct-2023SaturdayQualifier 1 vs BangladeshKolkata2:00 P.M
29-Oct-2023SundayIndia vs EnglandLucknow2:00 P.M
30-Oct-2023MondayAfghanistan vs Qualifier 2Pune2:00 P.M
31-Oct-2023TuesdayPakistan vs BangladeshKolkata2:00 P.M
1-Nov-2023WednesdayNew Zealand vs South AfricaPune2:00 P.M
2-Nov-2023ThursdayIndia vs Qualifier 2Mumbai2:00 P.M
3-Nov-2023FridayQualifier 1 vs AfghanistanLucknow2:00 P.M
4-Nov-2023SaturdayNew Zealand vs PakistanBengaluru10:30 A.M
4-Nov-2023SaturdayEngland vs AustraliaAhmedabad2:00 P.M
5-Nov-2023SundayIndia vs South AfricaKolkata2:00 P.M
6-Nov-2023MondayBangladesh vs Qualifier 2Delhi2:00 P.M
7-Nov-2023TuesdayAustralia vs AfghanistanMumbai2:00 P.M
8-Nov-2023WednesdayEngland vs Qualifier 1Pune2:00 P.M
9-Nov-2023ThursdayNew Zealand vs Qualifier 2Bengaluru2:00 P.M
10-Nov-2023FridaySouth Africa vs AfghanistanAhmedabad2:00 P.M
11-Nov-2023SaturdayIndia vs Qualifier 1Bengaluru2:00 P.M
12-Nov-2023SundayAustralia vs BangladeshKolkata10:30 A.M
12-Nov-2023SundayEngland vs PakistanKolkata2:00 P.M
15-Nov-2023WednesdaySemi Final 1Mumbai2:00 P.M
16-Nov-2023ThursdaySemi Final 2Kolkata2:00 P.M
19-Nov-2023SundayFinalAhmedabad2:00 P.M