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G V Raja Sports School Selection Trials 2021-22, Kerala

Kerala State Sports Council Sports Academy Selection Trials 2021-22

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The Kerala Government Sports Youth Department is on the way to form a culture that provides scientific sports training and support along with education by finding excellence. The goal is to conduct scientific tests in talent identity and select players related to each sport. They will also make the highest quality systems available in the world. Do you believe in your sports excellence? Thiruvananthapuram G. You can also participate in the selection trials for people from 2021 July 19 to 6th of August 5 in V Raja Sports School, Kannur Sports School, Kunnamkulam Sports Division, Thrissur. Admission to classes 6 and 7 is through general test. 8, Game expertise along with the test will be considered for admission to 11 classes. Only those who won state level medals will get admission in the vacant seats of classes 9 and 10.


#DISCIPLINE8TH std+11 std
1.ATHLETICS(1/1/08) TO (1/11/2009)(1/11/2003) TO (1/11/2005)
2.BASKET BALL(1/1/2007) TO (31/12/2009)(1/1/2004) TO (31/12/2006)
3.BOXING(1/1/08) TO (31/12/2010)(1/1/2004) TO (31/12/2006)
4.CRICKET(1/9/2007) TO (31/12/2010)(1/9/2004) TO (31/12/2006)
5.FOOTBALL(01/01/2008) TO (31/12/2009)(1/1/2005) TO (31/12/2006)
6.HOCKEY(1/11/2008) TO (31/12/2011)(1/11/2005) TO (31/12/2007)
7.JUDO(1/1/2008) TO (31/12/2010)(1/1/2004) TO (31/12/2006)
8.TAEKWONDO(1/1/08) TO(31/12/09)(1/1/05) TO (31/ 12/06)
9.VOLLEYBALL(1/1/2007) TO 31/12/2010(1/1/2004) TO (31/12/2006)
10.WAIGHT LIFTING(1/1/2008) TO (31/12/2010)(1/1/2004) TO (31/12/2006)
11.WRESTLING(1/1/2008) TO (31/12/2010)(1/1/2004) TO (31/12/2006)