You are currently viewing FC Goa proposals to revamp Goa Pro League.

FC Goa proposals to revamp Goa Pro League.

FC Goa proposals to revamp Goa Pro League.

In a bid to revitalize the Goan football structure, FC Goa president Akshay Tandon shares his idea on what one can expect from the proposed revamped structure.

Goa has been football hotbed for ages yet one would always feel that there is more to be desired. Realizing that it’s now the perfect time to set higher standards and improve the quality of football as well as the infrastructure for the Goan youth to succeed, ISL club FC Goa president Akshay Tandon has put forth a proposal in front of Goa Football Association that would benefit the players, club and the association.

A four Pronged Approach

There is a need to implement a model that brings in revenue for all involved and can fuel the development of the whole ecosystem with better production and promotion. With that in mind, a four pronged approach is proposed.

  1. Introduction of Outstation teams via an entry fee
  2. Live Broadcast through OTT platforms
  3. Sponsorships
  4. Social Media Coverage

This new structure would ensure an extremely competitive league which will aid in player development, match experience, and increase the profile of Goan football. It proposes to increase the League’s commercial viability with live broadcast and sponsorships – with the FA and the clubs gaining sponsorship revenue. There was also a proposal of inviting outstation teams to be part of the new structure. The broadcast of these matches will solidify fan support and engagement and it will also open the League to a larger audience across the world. A strong state League will aid in player development and will start producing more players worthy of the national team.

Long Term Benefits

The need to holistically improve every aspect of footballing ecosystem, starting with a strong professional league will eventually make the lower division leagues stronger and encourage a robust model for youth development. The long term benefit include sustainable league with higher fan interest, viewership, commercial viability and increased competition, better scouting opportunities, higher revenues from central pool, club sponsorship and transfers. By increasing the talent pool and competition, it’s not just the players, but the entire Goan football ecosystem stands to benefit from this revamp. This even includes coaching staff and the referees.

Broadcast of live matches will also bring in lots of benefits like increased following and visibility of leagues. Revenue through in-app ads during live telecast of GPL matches. Access to video highlights, stats also offers clubs to analyze a player better.

While the proposal looks like a promising idea, it stills needs all stakeholders to come together and work as one. The Corona pandemic poses several challenges making it difficult to implement some of these reforms. But as the FC Goa president believes, “The most significant of decisions comes during testing times. This is an opportunity to take progressive steps and see Goa Pro League & Goan football flourish in the long term. “

He further adds, “I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a positive future of Goan football. I stand by my assertion that Goa can truly become an Asian footballing hub.”

Some really interesting ideas, some bold statements, it will be interesting to see what GFA decides on and where Goan football goes from here.

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