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Claims of financial irregularities in AIFF not right, says ex-AIFF Gen Secy Kushal Das

 The former All India Football Federation (AIFF) General Secretary Kushal Das is not happy with the suspension of the national federation by the international football governing body FIFA on various clauses which includes ‘undue influence’ from third parties as well as some financial irregularities etc. But he completely denies any financial irregularities as he has worked with the AIFF for almost 12 years till 30th June 2022.

“It is unfortunate news, I felt sad when I heard about it. I worked for 12 years for AIFF. There are mistakes, to be honest in an organization and even we might have done but the intention was to do the best for Indian football. I maintained the financial position of FIFA to the best of my ability because when I left the AIFF they had reserves of over Rs 20 crore. So, I don’t think any other organization except BCCI has. So, their claims of financial irregularities in AIFF are unfortunately not right but again that is a separate issue. What I was trying to say was that I am optimistic that this would be sorted out. We have experienced and wise people in MYAS, FIFA even the highest body Supreme Court. There are two clauses which I have read so far in which players should not have voting rights which is not in FIFA Constitution and the second is to ask COA to hand over the responsibility to AIFF. So, this is possible,” said former General Secretary of AIFF Kushal Das while speaking to ANI.

The former office bearer of AIFF is aware of the repercussions of this suspension as it will not have a good impact on Indian football as they will neither be able to participate in international tournaments nor the foreign clubs and players will be looking to come to a country which is facing suspension.

“It will have a bad impact on Indian football. The Indian team will not be able to participate in international matches. Secondly, our clubs who are going to play in various tournaments won’t be able to. Clubs from outside will not be able to come because when the federation is banned then no one wants to come and play and I don’t know much about ranking. The automatic effect will be there. So, the repercussions are not good but as I said I am an optimist that by tomorrow or the day after everything will be sorted out, ” explained Kushal Das.

India are supposed to host the FIFA Under-17 Women’s World Cup 2022 from October 11 to October 30 but with this suspension, they cannot do so.

“Once the suspension is repealed, FIFA clearly wrote that if they fulfil the clauses then we will think of repealing the suspension. After that we will host the Under-17 FIFA Women’s World Cup,” told Kushal Das.

The international football governing body said the suspension will be lifted once an order to set up a committee of administrators to assume the powers of the AIFF Executive Committee has been repealed and the AIFF administration regains full control of the AIFF’s daily affairs.