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Baton of Hope Financial Aid to Talented Athletes.

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Baton Of Hope aims to provide financial aid to talented athletes from across the country who are from lower income homes. We are currently finding athletes who need, and can benefit most from sports sponsorship, and have already received over 180 applications.

Eligibility Criteria:

1) you are an athlete who plays sports competitively, at a state or national level.

2) you belong to a lower middle class/ economically weaker section of society and do not have the financial ability to pursue your sport.

Important information:

1) All information entered through the form, including name and contact information, will remain private.

2) You are not assured a sponsorship by filling out the form.

3) You will be contacted at the phone number you provide in the form so please provide accurate information.

4) In case of any doubts, feel free to call  +91 98919 79723 

The form for applying can be found here: