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AIFF announces Academy Accreditation Rules and Regulations 2023-24

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The Federation has announced the AIFF Academy Accreditation Rules and Regulations for the 2023-24 season. The Academy Accreditation application process will begin on March 25, 2023 with the opening of the Accreditation application portal that can be accessed through the Centralised Registration System (CRS). With the introduction of the new accreditation programme, for the first time ever there will be a nine-tier rating system, divided across the three accreditation categories of Basic, Advanced, and Elite.

An integral part of AIFF’s Vision 2047 is to improve the playing standards and increase the possibility of success for all aspiring and potential stakeholders of youth football at the top level. The development of aspiring young talents forms the core of these objectives, and the Academy Accreditation process introduced by AIFF is a step taken to strengthen and improve the Youth Development System in the country.

The AIFF, in close collaboration with its Member Associations (MAs) through the newly introduced Academy Accreditation process, grades the clubs’ and academies’ youth development structure and offers them national recognition for the standards attained. The Academy Accreditation process forms the basis of all clubs and academies being eligible for participation in AIFF Elite (Zonal) leagues.

AIFF Secretary General Dr. Shaji Prabhakaran said: “We have completely revised the club and academy accreditation structure in line with Vision 2047. We aim to have every youth player developing at the junior level within our structure. That way, we have nine levels of academy accreditation structure, which I believe will be welcomed by all our stakeholders. It would help in creating a pathway for our players to move from the grassroots to the youth level.”

“We have come up with this structure after extensive research and consultation with various stakeholders, including the State Associations and various academies that have willingly come forward to do so. Therefore, we believe that with this new system, we can create a robust competitive structure for the youth in India. My best wishes to all those who are doing a great job in developing youth players across the country,” Dr. Prabhakaran further added.

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