You are currently viewing 2022 AFC U-23 Asian Cup qualification – Fixture

2022 AFC U-23 Asian Cup qualification – Fixture

2022 AFC U-23 Asian Cup qualification - Fixture

South Korea are the defending champions of the AFC U-23 Asian Championship…

The 2022 AFC U-23 Asian Cup will be the fifth edition of the biennial tournament. As the name suggests it is an age-group tournament and only players who are born after January 1, 1999, can take part. 

It was previously known as the AFC U-23 Championship but from this edition, it will be known as the AFC U-23 Asian Cup. The qualification round of the main event is set to start on October 25. 42 teams will be participating in the qualification round. 

23 teams from  West Asia, Central Asia and South Asia, were drawn into five groups of four and there is another group which has three participants. Meanwhile, 19 teams from ASEAN and Northeast Asia were drawn into four groups of four and there is one group with three teams. However, in Group G there are currently only two participants as Brunei and China withdrew on September 3 and October 11. 

2022 AFC U-23 Asian Cup qualification: Group A Fixtures

Match Schedule 

25/10/2021Qatar vs Yemen Khalifa International Stadium, Doha
25/10/2021Syria vs Sri Lanka Suheim bin Hamad Stadium, Doha
28/10/2021Sri Lanka vs Qatar Khalifa International Stadium, Doha
28/10/2021Yemen vs Syria Suheim bin Hamad Stadium, Doha
31/10/2021Syria vs Qatar Khalifa International Stadium, Doha
31/10/2021Yemen vs Sri Lanka Suheim bin Hamad Stadium, Doha

Group B: Fixtures

Match Schedule

25/10/2021Iran vs Nepal  Pamir Stadium, Dushanbe
25/10/2021Tajikistan vs Lebanon  Pamir Stadium, Dushanbe
28/10/2021Lebanon vs Iran Pamir Stadium, Dushanbe
28/10/2021Nepal vs Tajikistan Pamir Stadium, Dushanbe
31/10/2021Lebanon vs Nepal Pamir Stadium, Dushanbe
31/10/2021Iran vs Tajikistan Pamir Stadium, Dushanbe

Group C: Fixtures

Match Schedule

25/10/2021Iraq vs Maldives Al Muharraq, Arad
25/10/2021Bahrain vs Afghanistan Al Muharraq, Arad
28/10/2021Afghanistan vs Iraq Al Muharraq, Arad
28/10/2021Maldives vs Bahrain Al Muharraq, Arad
31/10/2021Afghanistan vs Maldives Al Muharraq, Arad
31/10/2021Iraq vs Bahrain Al Muharraq, Arad

Group D: Fixtures

Match Schedule

25/10/2021Saudi Arabia vs Uzbekistan  Paxtakor Markaziy Stadion, Tashkent
25/10/2021Bangladesh vs Kuwait Stadion Majmuasi, Tashkent
28/10/2021Uzbekistan vs Bangladesh Paxtakor Markaziy Stadion, Tashkent
28/10/2021Kuwait vs Saudi Arabia Stadion Majmuasi, Tashkent
31/10/2021Saudi Arabia vs Bangladesh Stadion Majmuasi, Tashkent
31/10/2021Kuwait vs Uzbekistan Paxtakor Markaziy Stadion, Tashkent

Group E: Fixtures

Match Schedule

25/10/2021UAE vs Kyrgyzstan Fujairah Stadium, Fujairah
25/10/2021Oman vs India Fujairah Stadium, Fujairah
28/10/2021Kyrgyzstan vs Oman Fujairah Stadium, Fujairah
28/10/2021India vs UAE Fujairah Stadium, Fujairah
31/10/2021UAE vs Oman Fujairah Stadium, Fujairah
31/10/2021India vs Kyrgyzstan Fujairah Stadium, Fujairah

Group F: Fixtures

Match Schedule

25/10/2021Turkmenistan vs Jordan King Abdullah II Stadium, Amman
28/10/2021Palestine vs Turkmenistan King Abdullah II Stadium, Amman
31/10/2021Jordan vs Palestine King Abdullah II Stadium, Amman

Group G: Fixtures

Match Schedule

27/10/2021Indonesia vs Australia Pamir Stadium, Dushanbe
30/10/2021Australia vs Indonesia Pamir Stadium, DUshanbe

Group H: Fixtures

Match Schedule 

25/10/2021South Korea vs Philipines Jalan Besar Stadium, Singapore
25/10/2021Singapore vs Timor-Leste Jalan Besar Stadium, Singapore
28/10/2021Timor-Leste vs South Korea Jalan Besar Stadium, Singapore
28/10/2021Philippines vs Singapore Jalan Besar Stadium, Singapore
31/10/2021Timor-Leste vs Philippines Jalan Besar Stadium, Singapore
31/10/2021South Korea vs Singapore Jalan Besar Stadium, Singapore


2Singapore (H)0000000
3South Korea0000000

Group I: Fixtures

Match Schedule

27/10/2021Vietnam vs Chinese Taipei Dolen Omurzakov Stadium, Bishkek
30/10/2021Chinese Taipei vs Myanmar Dolen Omurzakov Stadium, Bishkek
02/11/2021Vietnam vs Myanmar Dolen Omurzakov Stadium, Bishkek

Group J: Fixtures

Match Schedule

25/10/2021Thailand vs Mongolia MFF Football Centre, Ulaanbaatar
25/10/2021Malaysia vs Laos MFF Football Centre, Ulaanbaatar
28/10/2021Mongolia vs Malaysia MFF Football Centre, Ulaanbaatar
28/10/2021Laos vs Thailand MFF Football Centre, Ulaanbaatar
31/10/2021Thailand vs Malaysia MFF Football Centre, Ulaanbaatar
31/10/2021Laos vs Mongolia MFF Football Centre, Ulaanbaatar

Group K: Fixtures

Match Schedule

Dates FixturesScoresStadium
23/10/2021Cambodia vs Hong Kong J-Village STadium, Hirono
26/10/2021Japan vs Cambodia J-Village STadium, Hirono
28/10/2021Hong Kong vs Japan J-Village STadium, Hirono