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Sakal Schoolympics Inter School Event, Pune

Calling all schools in Pune! Mark your calendars for the exciting Sakal Schoolympics event happening this Nov-Dec 2023. 📚🏆 A golden opportunity for young talents to shine in sports. Don’t miss out on the ultimate showcase of skills!

About Schoolympics

Sports is a growing passion in the new India. Sakal Schoolympics, Maharashtra’s biggest inter-school sports competition hosted in Pune, gives a platform to the student athletes to showcase their skill & talent across 22 sports, fight tough competition and win on the biggest stage of sports, the school level has to offer.

Age Group

  • 10-12 Years
  • 12-14 Years
  • 14-16 Years

To participate in Schoolympics, parents need to connect with their child’s school. To be a part of this mega sporting event, fill out the form below so that our team can get in touch with you. More information will be provided soon.

Contact Detail : +91 9561814932 / 9561214932
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