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Rajasthan Junior Kabaddi League Selection Trials

Selection Trials In Jaipur
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After the grand success of the Rajasthan kabaddi league (RJKL), we brought the idea of doing such kind of sport league for under 20 at the state level. After a long research we conclude that every state has thousands of players who can’t get the right platform whether they have Potential, Talent, Strength, Power & skills because at the national or international level only a few of them get a chance to show their talent .

Thus, we decide that this is a need of every state where on state –level these kinds of professional platform for every sport must be created. Every state has its own strength, own culture, own specialty Rajasthan, Haryana are likely sports talent producing areas. From village to town, town to district everywhere people love sports. What we got to know is a lot of organizations & institutions in the state are appreciating these kinds of initiatives. They are contributing financially and non- financially. People are supporting them at the regional level. Our concept is to make this kind of professional platform for sport at the regional level in every state of India.