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Neeraj Chopra creates history, 1st Indian to win World Championships Gold medal.

In a spectacular display of athleticism and precision, Neeraj Chopra, India’s ace javelin thrower, struck gold at the 2023 IAAF World Athletics Championships. The event, held on the global stage, showcased Neeraj’s exceptional talent as he soared to victory with a best throw of 88.17 meters.

The competition was fierce, with athletes from around the world vying for supremacy in the men’s javelin event. Neeraj’s stellar performance set him apart, demonstrating both his unwavering dedication and his innate skill in the discipline. His remarkable throw of 88.17 meters secured not only the gold medal but also underscored his dominance in the field.

Accompanying Neeraj on this impressive journey were his fellow countrymen, Kishore Kumar Jena and DP Manu. Jena, reaching a personal best, achieved a throw of 84.77 meters, positioning himself at a commendable fifth place. Meanwhile, Manu’s throw of 84.14 meters earned him the sixth spot. Their collective efforts added to India’s growing presence on the international athletics stage.

Neeraj’s performance was marked by a series of remarkable throws throughout the competition. His throws of 86.32 meters, 84.64 meters, 87.73 meters, and 83.98 meters further highlighted his consistency and determination. Even a foul throw could not deter his pursuit of victory, as he rebounded with the winning throw of 88.17 meters, solidifying his place atop the podium.

After the competition, he would say, “I was thinking I’ll [go long] with the first throw, but there were some technical problems with that attempt. Because the first went poorly, it happens [a little bit of pressure builds], but I pushed myself, and I was thinking a bit about my groin injury [which had kept him out of action for most of the season], I was being careful, and my speed was not 100%. And when my speed is not there, I feel a dip somewhere so that’s what’s left now… to get 100% fit [and throw even further].”

“I thank all Indians for staying up so late to watch me. This medal is for the whole of India… I became Olympic champion, now I’m world champion… which shows we [Indians] can do anything. All of you keep working hard like this in different, different fields and [we’ll make our nation proud],” he added.